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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Ghilgamesh - Odeon Theather


fiziskandarz said...

beautiful photos u got there! keep it up :D

Roxana said...

ce frumos!

pasajul asta din Gilgamesh este printre favoritele mele din toate timpurile:

What else heeds this sorrow?
The leaves of the trees and the paths you loved
in the forest grow dark.
Night itself murmurs and so too does the day.
All the eyes of the city that once saw your kind face begin to weep.
Why? Because you were my brother and you died.
Enkidu can move no more.
Enkidu can lift his head no more.
"Now there is a sound throughout the land
that can mean only one thing.
I hear the voice of grief and I know that you have been taken
somewhere by death.
Weep. Let the roads we walked together flood themselves
with tears.
Let the beasts we hunted cry out for this:
the lion and the leopard, the tiger and the panther.
Let their strength be put into their tears.
Let the cloud-like mountain where you killed
the guardian of woodland treasures
place grief upon its sky-blue top.
Let the river which soothed our feet overflow its banks
as tears do that swell and rush across my dusty cheeks.
Let the clouds and stars race swiftly with you into death.
Let the rain that makes us dream
tell the story of your life tonight.
Who mourns for you now, Brother?
Everyone who knew you does.

Ana said...

Nemaipomenit cadrul 5. Oricum, superba postare!